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Images are available in many different sizes on the following means.
Available Sizes

8"x 8" 8"x 10" 

8"x 12"

10"x 10"

10"x 20"

10"x 30"

11"x 14"

11"x 16"

12"x 12"

12"x 18"

16"x 20"

16"x 24"

20"x 24"

20"x 30"

30"x 40"

36"x 48"

40"x 60"

The is a list of standard sizes. 

However, pretty much any size/aspect is available.

Premium Gallery Wrap On Canvas 

High quality canvas with 1.5"depth for high-end fine art photography.  

Prints come ready to hang. 

1.5Inch Canvas.jpg
E Mounts

A ready to hang luster print mounted on a lightweight and durable sheet of E-Panel (2 pieces of aluminum sandwiched over a PVC core). Each print is protected with a pearl laminate.

Framing available upon request.
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